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The great Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi said the straight line belongs to men the curved one to God. Every majestic creation of God takes a curved shape and as many of historical monuments portray. Mankind adopted this form into their lives, learning the ways of its creator. Finally, today’s advanced technology includes curves into this place. Curved display allows viewers to experience deep immersive eye friendly design and uniform picture quality. Even on the edge of the screen to enhance a tension level assisting better learning. So, how are all these possible simply changing from flat to curved? The same footage becomes more real when you watch it on the big theatre screen as opposed to watching it on your living room TV. The larger the screen, the greater the reality. If the screen is larger, viewers process greater amount of visual information, which makes them appear all the more real. The same method of increasing visual information is applied to curve TV. When watching a curved TV compared to watching the same size flat, viewers get extended field of view. This extended field of view gives the effect of watching a larger TV, thus adding to the realistic experience. Curved TV is carefully designed, constantly considering human eyes, because eyes are spherical to shape, the flat objects actually appear as distorted when it is reflected. In contrast if the object takes a curved form, it appears perfectly flat, as it was originally intended. Take the Parthenon for example, behind this monument of Greek architecture, hides the secret of curved design. At a glimpse, the temple looks perfectly flat, but if it was actually built flat, it would actually look distorted. Greek architects knew about this visual distortion caused by human eyes, so the actual temple was built in curved shape to make it appear flat. The engineers of curved TV applied the same architectural solution to curved design, in order to deliver distortion-free pictures to viewers. Curved TV has a clearer picture quality than flat. In order to see the finest picture, viewers must distance themselves uniformly from all sides of TV. A flat TV’s edge is located further than the centre, on the other hand curved TVs curvature allows the uniform viewing distance to the edges and the centre. This characteristic enriches the picture in the edge area, allowing edge picture quality to come to life with clearer images on the edges. Curved TV was awarded certification for outstanding picture quality from the China electronic standardization Institute. As a result, from all the mentioned benefits of curved TV, the viewers are allowed to focus better on the pictures. One research conducted by a prestigious University Research Centre evaluating one’s learning efficiency, revealed that students watching a video lecture on a flat TV shows a disoriented learning pattern with lack of focus. On the other hand, students watching a curved TV focused better to essential learning material presented on the screen. This proves that curved TV can present adequate learning environment to students studying by watching lectures on TVs. Curved TVs will serve you well if you are watching it from the centre, but what if you are watching it from the side? Wouldn’t the curvature ruin the picture? On a flat TV as viewers move further and further to the side, the quality decreases. But you can rest your concerns with curved TV, because the viewing angles are much less narrow than flat. The simple geometrics prove that curved TVs are good for viewing from the side. All in all, curved TVs deliver the following benefits: deep immersive experience, like in theatres, distortion free picture that is more suited for your eyes, clearer picture quality, even on the edges for increased focus, better learning experience.