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The Black Friday 70-inch VIZIO 71 is a relatively inexpensive Black Friday 70 inch LED TV, around £2,000 right now and is probably the best value among large screen LED TVs. This VIZIO TV delivers all the features you would expect including smart TV. It also has pretty slick styling and of course the picture quality really good.


The framer on the edge of this TV is really thin so when you have it in a room it looks almost all picture. It tries to be as understated as possible, the bezel being a little bit thicker along the bottom. The stand is not swivel. The TV seen from the side is extremely thin as you would expect from an LED TV. So all told, pretty discreet for a 70 inch TV.


Smart TV VIZIO suite has excellent content which includes Amazon and Netflix, all the big players are there. There is also plenty of audio, including Rhapsody and Pandora. So really, one of the best content selections out there among smart TV Suites. The interface itself, does seem a little dated, it pops up along the bottom. You can only see four at a time, so ii is a lot of scrolling if you have a lot of apps installed.


Another nice thing about the VIZIO is, if you flip the remote over you get a QWERTY keyboard which allows you to easily enter two searches and other information to the smart TV, instead of using those on-screen keyboards found on most other Smart TV Suites. The downside of the QWERTY, is that you have to keep it aimed straight at the TV because it does not use Bluetooth, it uses infra-red instead.


There are plenty of inputs. Four HDMI, a PC input and a component video input, as well as a pair of USB.


Picture settings on the VIZIO are not quite as extensive as some of the other TVs, though you do get a large number of picture pre-sets based on sports. The advanced settings only include a two-point greyscale, there is no gamma or colour management system. On the flip side, the TV is pretty accurate as long as you select the movie picture mode. The picture quality on the video compares well with a lot of other LED TVs, although it is not among the best. One of its weaknesses is a relatively light black level, so you do not get those deep inky blacks we have seen on some of the large screen plasmas and some of the very best LED TVs. It does a very accurate colour so I really appreciated that the colour does fall apart a little bit in the dark areas. It is a really nice off angle performance, again not a huge benefit to this television, it does wash out significantly when seen from off angles. But the larger size does help eliminate this a little bit if you sit back. The TV also has a nice matt screen, as with a large screen, you like to have matt to get rid of bright reflections in a room. Of course, you can spend a couple hundred more at 65 and 70 inches to get a lot better picture quality, but if you are fine with the decent picture and you really like the videos styling and smart TV it’s a superb value.