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It looks like Black Friday 3D TVs are finally dead. 3D TV makers tried desperately to get all of us to think 2 dimensions is just not enough for home viewing. 3D slowly crept its way into lots of televisions, but consumers like me just did not care. Now comes the news that LG and Sony will no longer support 3D in 2017. They were the two last major TV makers supporting the third dimension. LG says that 3D was not a key buying factor for consumers when selecting a new television. The company will focus on newer technology like high dynamic range. Sony explained based on current market trends we decided not to support 3D for our 2017 models. Other manufacturers gave up on 3D earlier VIZIO dropped 3D by 2014, Samsung quit 3D in 2016. On the content side, Direct TV shuttered its 3D Channel in 2012, ESPN killed up its 3D network in 2013. When a technology is killed, there is some kind of resistance. There is a change or petition entitled LG, please revive 3D on a 2018 OLED TV model. The petition does have a sizable amount of supporters, however it might not be enough to get LG to change its mind. In case you are a die-hard 3D viewer, you have got a couple of options. Keep an older television around or consider a home theatre projector.